The submission format should follow the LNCS Springer layout with length up to 12 pages (extra pages can be requested if needed). The peer-review process will be blind. The submitted papers should contains new original and high quality work.

All papers will be reviewed by at least two referees. They will evaluate not only the article's text, but also check that the source code is correct and matches exactly what is described in the text. All relevant supplementary materials will be reviewed too, such as the scripts used to generate the figures and numerical results shown in the article.

Submission to track 2 (RR results)

For submissions describing a reproducible research result (Track 2 on RR Results), authors can base their contribution by referencing a previous work (like just accepted ICPR paper) and by focusing on its reproductibility contents: algorithms, implementation details, links to source code and potential demonstrations. In the case of the submitted contribution is associated to an ICPR paper, a Reproducible Label will be awarded by the Scientific Committee if the submitted RR papers associated to the source code allows to reproduce the results presented in the previous ICPR paper (resulting figures, images and/or numeric results).


To submit a paper, please use the easychair submission site:


Camera-Ready Instructions:

To prepare the camera ready, please include in your archive the following elements:

  • Latex source incuding bib, figures, images files (see springer instructions here)
  • Add your version of the pdf main file (and Makefile if exists)
  • The Coypright form: the springer template is avialble here
  • You don't need to check the number of page of your final paper you can exeed the initial recommandation.

 Submit it trough the easychair interface before30/11/2016.03/12/2016

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